Produce apps for the following platforms
Be ahead of your competitors
from WinXP to Win10
Mac OS
from 10.4 to current version
Any distro for x86 or x86_64
Supported server-side technologies
Versions 5.0 to 7.2
Version 5.8
NodeJS is only supported as part of NodeWebkit
Version 2.4
Java 5, 6 & 8.
Tomcat 5.5, 6, 7, 8.5
Version 4.1 to 5.5
Download Web4GUI
“All inclusive” demo
“Compact“ demo

"All inclusive" demo includes everything - PHP, Perl, Python, Java and Tomcat for scripting, MySQL, SQLite, FireBird (windows-only) databases. Also it includes following Windows-only features: Portable FireFox, ASP and ASP.NET support.

"Compact" demo includes PHP, Perl, MySQL, SQLite, and the following Windows-only features: FireBird Database, Portable FireFox, ASP and ASP.NET support. Compared to "all inclusive" demo, it lacks Python and Tomcat/Java support.

Lots of ways to distribute resultant app
Fit needs of any of your customers!

Run your app directly from same disk on all platforms

ZIP Archive

Apps created with Web4GUI are Portable (run from any folder you put them). Upload a ZIP for each platfom to your site and let your clients download it and then use your app while offline.

USB Flash Drive, USB HDD

Run your app directly from same disk on all platforms

Network drive

Place your app to network share, and let users to run it directly from that network drive, without copying to their own computer.

Access it as remote site

Enable remote access to your app and turn them in usual web site. Then every user can access them like all other websites, even from mobile devices.

Packages native to each OS

Create Installer (.EXE file) for Windows. Create Mac App Bundle (.DMG file) for Mac.

  • Unlimited projects
  • Evaluation
    use only
  • Your app expires in 1 month
Unlimited Applications
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited copies
    of your app
  • Your app does not expire
Single Application (200 Copies Max) edition
  • Create only one app
  • Distribute up to 200
    copies of the app
  • Your app does not expire
How Web4GUI differs from usual web server?
No installation required

User can place Web4GUI based app to any folder and run it from there.


Server and all components like database server are configured each time user invokes the application.

Works even from DVD

Web4GUI-based apps can start directly of DVD/BlueRay/CD and even network drives

Invisible to firewalls on Windows

On Windows, firewalls typically prevent or ask user's confirmation for any network activity, even listening or connecting to local computer. This is not a problem for Web4GUI as they use HTTP over Named Pipes.

Autostarts special or system browser

When user invokes Web4GUI-based app, a special browser without menubars and toolbars is started. It's possible to configure Web4GUI to launch system-default browser too.

Provides GUI-based configuration tool

Web4GUI provides GUI-based app called CDBuilder for configuring and packaging apps. Actually, that app is also implemented as Web4GUI app.

Hide your static files

Web4GUI can serve static files from crypto container. Use encoders or obfuscators for server-side scripts.

Provides desktop-related API

Web4GUI provides cross-platform API required for desktop apps like picking folders, Save/Open dialogs, information about computer and about itself.

Several instances at the same time

Like with normal desktop apps, several Web4GUI-based apps can be running at the same time. Free port or socket is found at startup, so each will get different port or socket.

Screenshots of CDBuilder tool

Below are screenshots of Stunnix Stunnix Advanced Web Server CDBuilder GUI. There is a LIVE ONSITE demo of it too!

  • Here is a Project Menu
  • Here is a Project->Site settings
  • Startup settings
  • Branding settings
  • Browser properties
  • MySQL properties
  • PHP settings here
  • Extra programs run at startup
  • Definition of environment variables
  • menu items in Make Prototype
  • menu items in Copy from Prototype
  • menu items in Optimize & Pack Prototype
  • 'Optimize directory structure' tool
  • 'Create ISO' tool
  • 'Create cross-platform ZIP archive' tool
  • 'Create installer for Windows' tool
  • 'Create disk image (.DMG file) for Mac OS X' tool
  • menu items in Tools
  • menu items in Help

Intended uses for the product

Click on the small button "more info" below each item to expand details.

Create brochures, presentations, and product catalogues in the form of web sites and put them on CDs.
Release snapshots of public pages from your website on CDs or DVDs for users with slow connections.
Create advanced applications for desktops in the form of web sites and sell them as downloadable versions or on CDs from your store; turn them into multi-user applications in a single click!
Save a site that you are developing to a USB memory stick and show it to your customers on any of their computers
Have a personal snapshot of the site you are developing on just one single computer (or on a set of computers that you are working on throughout your day).

The features summary

Click on the small button "more info" below each item to expand details.

Supports all major desktop operating systems - Windows, Mac OS X (for Intel and PPC processors), and Linux!
Supports HTTP over Named Pipes on Windows - to be undetected and unaffected by firewalls; a special version of Portable FireFox that can communicate with web server over Named Pipes is also provided!
Has "Compressed Web Runtime" technology that makes startup time from CD/DVD same as startup time from HDD!
It can serve static files from encrypted storage - pack all your JS/PNG/CSS/JPG/PDF/SWF files into single file to prevent theft of content
Uses Apache codebase; it's concept and configuration file-compatible with most famous web server - Apache
Includes a state of the art CDBuilder tool for true point-and-click configuration of all properties and building ISO images of the CD or DVD
SAWS can run from network shares without mounting them (UNC path support, i.e. \\server\share\path)
Pages served by all engines (Tomcat, ASP, ASP.NET) appear on the same port as the main web server, allowing easy integration with other parts of the web site.
Has a special debugging mode in which special tools for the inspection of the web server's state and database files are enabled for a the site and are opened upon startup of the produced CD.
User doesn't have to install anything on his or her computer.
Supports encoded PHP scripts on all platforms.
Extremely flexible in its configuration due to its support for Apache web server configuration files.
Cross-platform support for the stopping of the server and the releasing of the media.
Has hooks to start additional programs upon startup of the web site; browserless mode is supported.
TCP ports to be used are not hardcoded, but are determined at runtime instead.
Different products created with Stunnix Advanced Web Server can be run at the same time on the same computer by the same user without any conflicts.
Hints about the operating system that your site is run on are provided to website scripts
Used by a lot of companies

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